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I know what it’s like to be ripped off

I paid a ‘refundable deposit’ once on a car that I never saw back

I’ve had clients say their going to pay me that never have

& lent close mates money that I’m yet to see back

Now every time I pay for anything substantial the overthinking in my
brain is unreal

It’s definitely my worst quality

& if you’re anything like me then you often end up in what I call
‘Analysis Paralysis’

Like you analyse things so much you end up paralysed & never actually
making a decision

& taking any action

Which means the situation you’re in doesn’t change even when you
want it to

It’s a weird place to be I know that

Now hopefully you haven’t been ripped off by a rouge personal trainer

Fallen victim to the ‘shake/juice diet’ cowboys

Or been sucked in by the latest ‘Shredded in 60 seconds FatBurner’

Or should I say ‘CashBurner’

If you have I’m sure you’re skeptical about everything

& if you haven’t I bet you’ve heard of people who have so end up skeptical
as well

I get it

I’m the same

Which is why I take all of the risk with the groups I run

When you become a member if you follow the clear & simple steps I put
in place

& get the work done as I tell you but don’t get a result

I’ll return your investment

I’m actually 1000% sure that I can get you a result

So have no problems offering a 100% money back guarantee 

Especially when guys like Ben tell me

“It’s the best investment I’ve EVER made” 

& Joe Facebook messaging me yesterday saying

“Destroyed that session, absolutely buzzing today” 

& Sheldon saying to me on our call this morning

“This is the best I’ve EVER felt” 

Because of this I know what I do works

& even though I’m far from cheap & never will be

In fact I’m likely more expensive than the vast majority
of trainers out there

I offer an extremely high value for money service

& never forget you get what you pay for

That Build&Blast closes at the end of June

& when it does reopen the price will have increased


Marcus ‘Reassuringly Expensive’ Duharty


Are you being ripped off with your protein?

To be honest there’s a decent chance you are

So it’s worth checking out one of my best articles which is titled

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