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If you’ve ever had these you know there’s only 1 thing to do 

Unless you’re prepared to let it fall off

You head to the doctor/clinic & get it sorted 

Yet as guys when we have other problems we just leave them 

I get it though, I’m a guy like you after all 

I’d probably leave it until it nearly falls off as well to be honest 

It’s always a wait until it cant get any worse scenario 

& if that’s where you are right now with how you look, feel & with shifting weight 

Lets chat… 

Let me know what you’re struggling with & I’ll help you out 

If you have some questions about how the 7 Day Taster Challenge works ask away

But if you’ve got an STD don’t expect me to help you with that 

So whats stopping you shifting weight right now my man? 



I will continue to offer you the chance to join the 7 Day Challenge before it closes 3rd April 

You know why 

It’s like my moral obligation 

The process we use works 100% or the time with 100% of the people who do it 

I’d actually be doing you a dis service if I didn’t offer you the chance to join 

Especially as it’s a no obligation FREE Taster Trial 

As in there’s no commitment to anything after 

& zero cost to access all the nutrition, training & coaching inside Build&Blast90 

Sounds like a decent offer to me 

Click the photo below of some current members to apply 

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