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So You Wanna Sort Your Nutrition Out… Here’s Where to Start!

If you read this and don’t take at least 1 piece of action your a douche.

The information here serves as an overall guide to allow you to build a solid foundation. It aint fancy, nothing magic, no revolutions. 

Just plain simple but highly damn effective principles. Principles that have helped my man Ben drop around 10kg in 12 weeks since he joined my Online Personal Training Programme.

Please Note: This next sentence is the most important thing you’ll read today…

“None of these principles needs to be stuck to 100% of the time!”

Don’t be ‘that’ guy!

The info in this post is taken from the first page of the 12 page Nutrition Guidelines document you’ll get once your Online Personal Training package is set up.

In addition to this you’ll be provided with individual ‘habits’, specific points or nutrition figures you’ll be required to complete & record.

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Now on top the principles…


1. Prioritise whole unprocessed foods

Unprocessed basically means 1 ingredient foods.

Focus on trying to eat foods of this type or build your meals from 3-6 individual unprocessed foods grouped together.

2. Eat protein with each meal

Ok so the first principle was pretty damn boring! Soooo Important though. Anyway this one should make you smile. Eat MEAT (actually protein but meat is amazing so lets eat loads of that)!

Aim for 2 palm sized portions of protein with every meal.

3. Eat vegetables with each meal

Yeah I know I sound like your mum but my man let’s pause this for a second… You aint a wining little kid anymore so STFU and eat some food thats good for you. Comprende?

Aim for 2 palm sized portions of vegetables with every meal

4. Drink more water

I say more as I’ve had a stab in the dark and say you don’t drink enough

Aim to drink 2 litres of water on non training days.

Aim to drink 2.5 litres on training days.

Make water your main drink.

Feel free to add some Lemon or Lime for taste if the disgustingly fresh water we should be so appreciative of seeing as millions of people round the world are dieing of dehydration is just too boring for you..

5. Stop eating before you’re full up

Avoid overeating by stopping eating when you reach 80% fullness.

You do realise you don’t have to be completely bloated and about to burst before you stop eating right.. 😉

6. Double Bubble baby (Double cook)

Ok I’m excited as this is my favourite way to set my self up for some decent food.

It’s so simple and if I’m gonna take my precious time to cook damn I might as well cook 2 meals rather than 1.

When you prepare food in the evening double the amount you cook.

This can then be used for a subsequent meal like the following days lunch.

7. Reduce the calories you drink

Similar to drink more water but not drink more water.

First thing. Get rid of the sugar laden mochachocofrappechinos as they’re adding needles calories to your intake.

Same for fizzy drinks like coke and sprite. Swap for diet coke which at zero calories is a winner!

Fruit Juice… another to reduce

Again flavour with lemon or lime if you really can’t stick the evils of water on it’s own!

8. Cut the Crap

Remove chocolate, cakes, biscuits, ice cream etc from the house.

If it’s not there you can’t eat it!

You can still 100% eat these foods but you’re much less likely to snack/binge on a whole bar, bag or tub if it’s not there.

There you go 8 principles to follow. I expect you’ve heard most of them before. I expect you’ll input less than 4. I hope you prove me wrong…

Over & Out,


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