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So the Police man shouts…

By February 24, 2016 Marcus' Mind No Comments

“I’m doing you for driving without due care & attention”

I was like naaaa

Fuck off mate I’m gone

I put my foot down & drove off

Ok I didn’t really as I’d just caused a 3 car accident

I was about 19 at the time

Massively late for a coaching session

& was trying to arrange a time to meet a chick later

Traffic was a joke so I thought fuck it I’m going in the 2+ lane

Yes I was on my own & yes I am that guy

Of course I was stupid enough to do this 30 seconds after a police car drove past me

& I was waiting at the roundabout texting this chick

So just as I’ve decided to pull into the 2+ lane

I realise he’s waiting for me in the lay-by..


So I squeeze gently back into the lane

Thats actually a lie I completely cut the lad up behind me

I thought he’d be pretty pissed off so I was looking in my mirror to see if he was giving me

any verbals

& by the time I looked back at the road the cars in-front had stopped

I slam on my breaks (we’re not going very fast so the eventual damage was minor)

BANG… The lad behind me’s gone straight into the back of me

BANG… His mate behind him’s gone into the back of him

As you can imagine I was fucking buzzin

Then I remember the police officer who was waiting for & I truly realise I fucked up

I pleaded not guilty to being on my phone but guilty for the driving offence

5 points & a £250 fine

I must have broken the law 3 or 4 times in 15 seconds

It’s probably not a record for me either

But the thing is I knew all those things were wrong

I knew they were illegal

& I knew I’d be fucked if I got caught

But I still did them… Doesn’t make sense does it?

But we always do shit that we’re not supposed to do right…

Drink shit

Eat shit

Dont sleep

Fuck you might even take drugs

& I’m sure you know there all pretty bad for you

I don’t have any answers as to why

I just know sometimes we don’t really care

Which is why in these emails I’m not gonna tell you to eat less ice cream

& eat more broccoli

You already know that

You don’t need me banging on to you about it

But of course if you do want me to get your ass in gear

So you stop making shit decisions

Contact me at the link below


A bit like the threat of losing my license did to me

Marcus ‘No Lewis Hamilton’ Duharty

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