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So she invites me in to hers…

By February 25, 2016 Marcus' Mind No Comments

But she was living with her parents so I wasn’t keen

On my way home I’m cruising down some country lane when…


It felt like my car had literally jumped off the road

I’d hit a fucking badger

This stupid thing could have run across the road at any point

But he decided to just as I came cruising past

Like WTF mate…

Where’s the suicide badger alert???

I actually shit myself & kept driving

I’m honestly terrible with things like that

Anyway I get 5 mins down the road & realise my bumpers hanging off

Mother fucking suicide badger has literally destroyed the front of the car

The thing must have been fucking massive

Buzzing… Should have just stayed at that chicks!

So sometimes shit like that just happens

There literally is nothing conscious we can do about it

Like there’s no way in hell I could have known suicide badger was coming

That fucker cost me about 500 quid!

But stuff like this hardly ever happens

Pretty much on all other occasions & all other aspects of our lives

We control the outcomes

& that is one amazing thing we are all blessed with

It means you have the opportunity to be whoever you want

Look however you want

& feel however you want

You can decide exactly you’re own future

Exactly how you’ll look

& exactly how you’ll feel

Cliche right..

But tell me aint the fucking truth

That’s what you’re here for right?

Well let me tell you another beautiful truth…

You can do fuck all about suicide badgers

& even knock off Mercedes bumpers aren’t cheap !

Marcus ‘Badger Killer’ Duharty


& of course if you’re ready to look how you want

& feel how you want

& want some more information about the membership group I run

With a solid group of guys looking to do the same

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