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So How Many Calories Should YOU Be Eating?

So I let you in to some black magic yesterday 

Which clearly isn’t black magic at all 

But a guaranteed way to make it look like you’ve built

Solid popping muscle 

& shredded stubborn fat 

If you missed it check your inbox 

Or even your junk 

& as I said yesterday here’s how to work out the calories you need 

to eat 

To make sure you shred that fat fast 

1. Take your bodyweight in kg’s 

2. Times it by 2.2 

3. Then times that figure by 12 

This number is what we’re looking for 

Here’s an example 

Mark is 95kg right now 

So 95 x 2.2 = 209

209 x 12 = 2508 

Mark needs to eat under 2508 calories EVERY day to drop fat 

Are you still with me? 

Did you see how I highlighted EVERY day 

I did that for a reason I don’t think I need to explain 

But I’m actually going to in an upcoming email 

But before that I’m going to answer a question you’re possibly thinking 

How the fuck do I know how many calories I’m eating?? 

I’ll explain that tomorrow & I’ve got a video ready for it 

8.30am Saturday morning you’ll get that 

You can watch it in bed

You can also watch my Instagram Stories (Follow me on Instagram) in there as well 

Did you see that sunset yesterday 


Stunning is probably the only word I can use to describe it 

@marcusduharty on Instagram to see videos of the guys I coach

& hear me discussing things like  the best protein shake to cut fat 

Or the best ab exercises or workout routine

& of course some interesting & funny happenings from the ‘world tour’ (thats currently stopped in Australia ;-/) that I’m on

See you there

Marcus ‘DownUnder’ Duharty


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