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Snacks for in the office bored

Do you know there’s 80+ calories per chocolate digestive biscuit

Thats definitely an office snack to avoid

Eat 10 & you’re looking at 800+ calories 

Eat a whole pack & now we’re around 1500 calories

& with minimal nutritional value you’ll still be hungry after 

We’ve always heard nuts are good for us but they’re full of calories as well 

& fruit can be loaded with sugar so often also carries a load of calories 

Office snacks for during the day is one request I get a lot 

So here’s a few things I recommend

There’s one thing to remember though

The chances are you’re not hungry you’re just bored or putting off work 

It’s what I did when I lectured and I’d see everyone else do in the office as well 

So the main thing to do is stay busy

Think about when you’re busy 

I bet you never stop & say ‘I need a snack’ 

& I’m sure there’s times you’ve worked through lunch with no fuss at all 

Stay busy my man 

Anyway here’s some things to try 

The first few are all basically low-ish calorie & take ages to eat 

300 calories for a chocolate bar you eat through in 4 bites only leaves you wanting more

The first all tend to take time to eat which most likely is what you’re trying to kill 

The second group however are higher in protein so will support your training much better

1. Popcorn 


2. Rice Crackers


3. Snack a Jacks 


The next group offer quite a bit more protein 

4. Beef Jerky 


5. Greek Yoghurt


6. Chicken Skewers 


7. Vietnamese Spring Rolls


8. Lettuce Peking Wraps


& if you’re wondering the last 3 are straight from the nutrition booklets 

I provide all the guys I coach 

If you wanted to get your own nutrition strategy developed

Personal examples for meal plan ideas to follow 

& your nutrition reviewed & checked weekly 

(basically a set up so you’re guaranteed to shift weight & not

guess anymore)

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