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Smashing My Teeth On A Booze Cruise

Looking back I think what the fuck was I thinking…

For half of my 20’s I had a front tooth with about 2/3’s of it missing 

Yep thats right…

The main tooth in the middle of my head was basically half a tooth 

At the time I didn’t think it looked bad 

Now I cringe when I look at old photos

I look like a pirate FFS 

It happened on a booze cruise in Malia Greece

I was 19/20 at the time 

We were playing a stupid game

I cracked it on the side of the boat 

& in to the sea it dropped

When we got home I never got it sorted 

I thought it was gonna cost loads to get sorted so never bothered until about 26/27

Sounds fucking stupid doesn’t it 

But I’ve bet you’ve done something similar 

Think about it..

Have you ever let a bill over run?

Your car MOT run out?

Or left a job on the house for literally years? 

See it’s ALWAYS easier to do nothing 

Doing nothing is always the simplest thing to do 

The thing is though doing nothing can seriously fuck you up 

That bill you left… The charges have mounted up so it now costs even more

The MOT you haven’t renewed… You car is now illegally being driven 

& if you get in an accident you could be in serious trouble with the law

That job you’ve left on the house… The misses is getting more & more pissed off

To the point now she doesn’t even care

& a chick that is pissed off or doesn’t care can really fuck your sex life up & we 

definitely wanna avoid that 

But the thing is even knowing those consequences we still do nothing… & wait until 

it’s too late 

That’s exactly why a lot of guys get out of shape 

They know whats going to happen but do nothing about it 

The moobs start to set in 

& before you know it the dad bod is in full development

& I’m not buying women find a dad bod attractive… I massively call BS on that one 

& lets be honest you’ll probably feel like shit at that point as well 

The problem I have is fro the other end of this email I cant make you do something 

I cant stop you from being lazy as fuck & doing nothing 

That’s down to you 

But what I can do is this 

Be here when you’re ready 

& that I will be 

When you decide you’re fed up the link below is where you need to head 


& I dont care if you’ve left it too late

Most of the guys I work with have so you can join the club 

Marcus ‘Captain Cracked Tooth’ Duharty

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