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Shred Fat Easily By Doing This

Anyone who tells you they love their job

Ask them if they’d do it for free & see what they say

The point is to earn money right

As much as possible

As EASY as possible

Just like when you try to drop fat

Who wants to struggle when there’s an easier way?

I’ve got a lot of mates in the recruitment industry

Usual set up

Decent basic wage

Then damn good commission if you bill for the company

So being in a ‘hot desk’ where leads are easy to come by equals

Not just more money

But easier money

Yesterday I said I’d answer a question I think you were wondering

How the hell do I know what calories I’m eating? 

Well you can make a guestimation by looking at the food you eat

This is what most people do

Try & ‘eat clean’

& guess/assume what they’re eating will drop them fat

Lets be honest does that ever really work?

Its a bit like working from a cold desk

With NO leads ready for you to place & make money from

It can work but it’s seriously HARD

& there’s such a high chance of you struggling

& ultimately failing

& lets be honest right EASY is always better than HARD

Which is why this is possibly the best way to work out what you’re
actually eating

In fact I’d say it’s the only way to accurately do it

& if you do this I guarantee you’ll drop the fat you want to


Here’s the video you need to watch now

So the last few days I’ve ran through what you should do right now
to drop fat

& drop it fast

& I can also guarantee it will work

It does EVERY DAY with the guys I work with

So whats stopping you right now from doing it as well ?

These guys have




If you’ve got a question drop me a reply

Or message me on Snapchat: marcusduharty

The question I answered on ‘The best protein to drop fat’

Should still be up on my story

Plus an insight into the session in #TeamHUD’s July
Training block

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