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Shoulder Presses suck… Try this instead

Shoulder press is a legit exercise


I probably put them in most programmes I write with my preference being using a barbell


However a lot of people struggle with this movement & not just because its hard but also due to the anatomy of the shoulder. People are built differently & some shoulders structurally aren’t designed very well for overhead pressing movements. This equals pain.


Extensive research highlights this and my experience with 100’s of athletes matches these findings. Also crap training & health of the shoulder itself can result in pain on overhead movements & unfortunately this is likely much more common.


So this ‘shoulder press’ variation where the movement you use is a bit more ‘free’ can be a great variation or substitute. Adjust your body position & grip to vary the angle you push at to suit your preference.


Check the 2 videos below with a demo from me & my man Ben!



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