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Shit like this baffles me

You’re going to have to explain this one to me 

30-90% of erectile dysfunction is linked to being overweight 

Yet nearly 70% of UK men are overweight right now 

With no fear of sounding like a prick I have to say 

“What the F is all that about”


It’s bad enough being overweight & not fitting into clothes properly 

Being self conscious in the changing room or when summer hits 

Or having man boobs & being called ‘fat dad’ 

But not being able to stand to attention when required 

Thats a pretty tough place to be 

The thing is those stats are not even what baffles me 

What really baffles me is that there will be guys that read this (maybe even you)

& the emails I’ve sent this week outlining exactly how to get started with shifting weight 

That are struggling right now (why else would they/you be reading this?) 

But still wont take any action 

& by action I mean follow through on the FREE advice I’ve given you 

The advice that will work 100% of the time with 100% of people (you’re ‘story’ is no different to everyone else)

Thats what baffles me 

It’s like being attacked & surrendering without a fight 

Even though you have an army twice the size with guns & they’re fighting with swords 

Now I know it can be tough/scary to take those first steps 

But at some point you have to ask yourself 

“What is the other choice?” 

Roll over & quit


The thing is as you’re still reading this I know you’re not planning to do that 

Only guys that are ready for change or close to ready will read this far 

But if you do feel a bit numb/stuck with what to do here’s your options 

A. Go back through the 4 emails I’ve sent this week and follow the steps I’ve laid out 

B. Ask me a question if after reading those steps they don’t make sense 

C. Let me support you on your journey by click this link & enquire about joining Build&Blast90 when it opens again 


DO NOT click the link though if you’re planning to roll over & quit 

Thats definitely not who Build&Blast is for

There’s a different link you should click which is the unsubscribe one at the bottom of every email

The choice is yours my man 



Nothing more to really add to this  

But here’s the link you hit if you’re ready/kinda ready 


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