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Shift Fat & Get Paid Whilst You Sleep As Well?

5 years ago I bought flat as a rental investment 

Since then it’s paid me every single month 

& has increased in value by 50% with limited hands on work 

2 years a go I bought another one thats done/doing the same 

This monthly payment for me is the same as shifting fat 

The investment in time & effort shouldn’t be huge 

Or at least it shouldn’t be continually huge after the start 

What should happen after the initial ‘deposit’ is a continual payment in fatloss for minimal effort 

Let me follow up yesterdays email with a quick ‘how to do it’

Lets turn the tap to continual ‘easy’ fat loss on

I say easy as there’s some initial effort needed

Let me outline it for you 

You need work out the approximate calories you need (yesterdays email)

Track for a few days (Mondays email) & manipulate what you eat to hit around this figure

This usually takes between 3-14 days for you to get used to

There’s a bit of trial & error involved with seeing whats in certain foods & meals 

Then putting them all together to match the approximate calorie figure you’ve come up with 

But once you’ve kind of got an idea you’re good to go

Now it’s just a case of maintaining it 

Which is relatively easy as most of us have close to the same breakfast & lunch each day 

So once you have a couple options for each you just need 3-6 evening meal options to go with them 

If you make sure these are meals you enjoy it becomes pretty easy to maintain 

& you can help yourself by leaving say 200-500 for things you enjoy like junk food to have as snacks  

Do this & you’ll 100% be able to maintain it in the long run 

Invest the small bit of effort it takes to do the above

& the tap to continual fat loss will be well & truly turned on 

It’s the same as a rich man working to build his business up 

Then just keeping the system ticking over whilst he relaxes a bit 

All at the same time as his bank account keeps growing 

Getting paid even when they sleep 

You can do the same with your fatloss

Does this make sense? 

If it doesn’t let me know 

There is a problem with this though 

I know that Monday-Friday this works really well 

But then the weekend hits & you F it all up 

Lets look at that tomorrow



Ben shifted 50kg of fat & I built Build&Blast90 from the system I used with him 

Kirky & Marcus W both with wives 2 kids & managing businesses built a “better body at 30+ than I had in my 20’s” 

& Cameron went from skinny fat to stacked & jacked

Click the image of these guys below to find out exactly how we did it

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