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“She Approached Me In The Gym”

He didn’t know her 

But she came over and started a conversation with him 

She even dropped a compliment in 

Then asked him to follow her to the changing rooms for some…

Ok that last bits a lie 

But the first bit isn’t

James was talking me through his experience this morning 

He was explaining how little things like that have happened since he started training again 

& that those positives have kept him going even when he’s super busy & having to take work home 

For sure James hasn’t found it easy 

& he’s still a way away from his 12% bodyfat goal 

But progress is being made 

& there’s not a straight guy on the planet that wouldn’t get a bit of a buzz from being randomly approached & complimented by the fairer sex 

We’re still basically testosterone filled women seeking hunter gatherers after all 

& we need those little wins to keep us going to get BIG results 

I know James was buzzing with that 

& I was buzzing hearing him talk about it to me 

See I have no real care for how James or any of the other guys I coach look 

It doesn’t bother me how shredded they are or what weights they lift 

My only goal with every guy I work with is to help them improve their personal confidence 

Boost they’re personal energy 

So they can maximise every opportunity they have 

Attack situations with strength & purpose 

& eventually feel unstoppable 

In the bedroom

In the office 

On the pitch 

In a bar 

On holiday 

During all social situations 

As well as put there sex life on flames 

Maybe that sounds corny as fuck to you? 

Well I don’t care 

I’m a big believer in looking ‘good’ (individual perception of course) & feeling good 

Then when you feel good your personal confidence grows 

Resulting in you having more energy for life 

Which no doubt makes your performance in all areas better 

Ending up with you ultimately being…. Happy

Disagree with me?

Maybe you’re in the wrong place 

Agree with what I’ve said? 

Then lets talk

Unless random women are approaching you & boosting your confidence already…!?


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