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Rushed off your feet? How to to eat

So we’ve looked at how to do client meetings & still shift weight 

That was 2 emails 

& what snacks to eat when you’re bored in the office 

That was 8 decent snack options 

Now it’s time for what to eat when you’re rushed off your feet

But if you think you missed any of the previous emails let me 

know & I’ll forward them on to you 

1. Fast Food

It’s not actually as bad as what you think 

& if you’re on the run it’s easy to pick up 

At 500 calories & 25 grams protein a McDonalds Grilled Chicken & spicy

mayo wrap isn’t a bad option

The snack wraps come in at 240-260 calories and around 15-18g of protein 

2 of them and again it’s not bad at all  

Bear in mind a chicken & bacon or chicken & avocado sandwich in Pret comes in 

around 500 calories & 25g protein 

& a chicken salad from Pret is around the 370 calorie mark 

All of these are decent options & I don’t care if some ‘fitness professionals’ are turning in

their grave cos I mentioned McDonalds

I live in the real world where being rushed off your feet & just wanting something

quick & easy is a real thing 

& with that in mind a 6 inch turkey & ham Subway is only 260 calories 

Even a steak & cheese 6 incher is only 347 calories

You just got to watch out when they bang 400,000 calories of sauce on top though 

& of course we all know we secretly we’d love a 12 inch 

So just do the maths & double it up 

Subway also do wraps as well 

2. Drinks 

Do yourself a favour & have a black coffee (Americano), water or Coke zero as a drink 

Even just for the simple reason you have more calories for food

It’s always a bonus if you can eat more 

Surely you’d rather eat 210 more calories than drink a 500ml bottle of coke?

Even a Starbucks latte at 150 calories may be worth avoiding 

Especially when you can eat a snickers for just 215 calories

Of course though if you want it just have it 

But bear in mind apparently they do zero calorie syrup you can add to your coffees if 

you have a sweet tooth

3. Emergency lunch 

You’re out & about rushing from meeting to meeting 

Suddenly hunger hits & you realise you haven’t got time to go for a proper lunch 

Do you starve to death? No you go to your emergency lunch bag 

2-4 wraps sealed in a packet 

& a few cans of tuna ready to be opened

& no not the smelly bland ‘tuna in brine’

You’ve picked up some of the multiple or tasty flavours they do 

Sweet Chilli, Thai Curry & Indian Curry are my favourites


As long as you’ve remembered to pack a knife or fork open the cans up 

Stick the tuna in the wrap 

& you’ve got a high protein low calorie super quick emergency lunch to get through 

What I’m basically saying is pack these into your bag on a Sunday eve

& as long as the wraps have a week on their use by date 

You leave them in your bag & you’ve got an emergency lunch for whenever you need it 


I’m gonna cut this email here 

But if you feel you need individual nutrition plans & strategies to help you shift weight 

Here’s where you head



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