Ben Stanford

“I’m 50kg down & feel like a new person


“I shifted weight from 145kg down to 95kg & never felt at any point like I was on my own in this”


“The nutrition doesn’t feel like I’m on a diet & I’m now much more confident as a man”

Cameron Parker


“In my mind Marcus is one of the best coaches & trainers in the fitness game”


“The sessions fit perfectly into my tight schedule & the nutrition really was the difference for me in shifting fat so I started to look & feel my best”

Sam Kavanagh


“Before I joined I had no confidence in myself, I struggled to get motivated & I had no self belief”

“Right now this is transformed & I’m feeling great

“I’m now am a lot better at getting motivated to get in the gym and I now find nutrition a lot easier”

“Having Marcus’ support 24/7 keeps you motivated & on track”

Gareth Powell


“I’ve shifted 8kg of weight since working with Marcus in a relatively short space of time”

“With that I feel better about myself and overall more confident

“I also really enjoy the nutrition as I get to eat pancakes for breakfast & can fit pizza & ice cream into my food”

Marcus Wittcomb


“I managed to build a stone (6.5kgs) of muscle whilst staying at 10% body fat

“Being a married father of 2 & running my own business I love the flexibility in the Nutrition

“As well as the short varied workouts”

Ben Kirk


“I haven’t been this lean for 10 years!”


“Supporting my wife & 2 kids whilst running my business means I’m pushed for time so the Nutrition has been a game changer for me


“The variation of workouts in the 4 week Training Blocks helps keep my motivation high

Matt Hollow

“The best part for me is the variety of workouts. It keeps me interested”

“The accountability through the daily check ins is great”

“I’ve noticed a change in how I look & I feel better about myself”

Zu Ahmad


“I had no clue about nutrition. I was hitting the gym hard but ruining everything with my diet and drinking alcohol which was was showing very little progress in what I want to achieve”


I felt shit, didn’t feel confident in myself at all, my clothes were tight and just felt like giving up


“Considering I am in UK and he is in Australia this has not played a factor in our relationship. He makes you want to do better in yourself without being felt forced


“We put a process in to place for me to keep track of limiting my alcohol in take and reaching ‘milestones’ Marcus has been nothing but supportive throughout”

Michael Murphy

“The wife things I look amazing!!”

“Right now I’m 4kg down & stronger than ever, I just set a new personal record for the deadlift”

“Love the way the training changes every month, keeps training interesting”

“Love the training and nutrition documents, allows you to clearly see your progression

Love the motivation snippets in the group”

Joe Roberts

“Being able to adjust the programme and nutrition around my extremely busy and physically demanding job in order to keep improving has been brilliant”

“My strength is now flying up, smashing new personal bests every week”

“Starting to put on muscle and my rugby performance has improved dramatically as a result”

Stephen Hartman


“I know how to achieve my goals after previously being stuck in a spiral”

“Right now I feel more confident and happier about myself”

Phil Clark

 Strength increased all round even with a busy work lifestyle

“When I travel away Marcus adjusts the programme as necessary”

“As well as improved strength I’ve managed to shift some fat

Sharief Adrissi


“I honestly believe that the addition of this conditioning programme made the difference between placing top 3 and not”


“After looking at the plan my first thoughts were “why am I doing this to myself” and that “I hate him” but the results spoke volumes!!”

Adam Zanial




“Worked with Marcus for a 16 week cut, and managed to shed off 6KG of fat whilst maintaining most of my strength and muscle. A real thing of beauty”


“The level of programming is PHENOMENAL! Really happy with this block!!”


Will Sealey






“The biggest factor about working with a coach like Marcus is accountability”

“Knowing that if you skip sessions, exercises or go off-track with your diet there is always someone who you are going to have to rationalise it too”

“My time working with Marcus helped me to achieve my goals and get my confidence back quicker than I could have imagined.”

Sheldon Murray

“My wife wolf whistled me the other day for the first time in in ages !!”


“I’m a totally different person! As each week passes my body is changing” 

Bradley Tobin

“I’m 14kg down after the first 8 weeks & am buzzing” 


The ‘diet thats not a diet’ is amazing & I’ve actually found the process quite easy”

Ryan Bernard


“The whole plan for my program was to lose body fat in order to get to fight weight which was 95kgs, at the start of the program I was 107kgs”

“As you can imagine I was over the moon when I reached my goal then continued to lose and am now at a steady 92.5kgs”


“Marcus has been a great help along the way, tweeking the program to ensure top results when I have asked”

Riz Ahmed

“Before starting with Marcus I thought I was eating very well and was training 5-7 a week but still couldn’t get the result I wanted”

“Right now I’m a lot leaner than I was & I’m happy with my results”

“Marcus was flexible when I traveled abroad for work & he found a way to monitor what I’m eating or when I was fasting during the month of Ramadan”

“Whenever needed my nutrition & training was changed accordingly” 

Owen Garbett


My confidence has rocketed! I feel a lot better about my self and now can fit into clothes which before wouldn’t fit” 


“The meals and training was very well put together & the day to day contact with Marcus in the group is great to have him keep an eye on things”

James Thomas



“The community atmosphere of the group is great”

“Workouts have been strenuous and fun, the recipes are good”

“People have commented on the fact that I am looking leaner, which has, in turn, made my confidence increase

Gareth Rees



“It’s great to see constant messages from everyone in the group and guidance from Marcus is so readily available”

“I’ve gained strength through 2 core lifts, and I have a better understanding on my diet”

Ryan Ashworth



“Positive comments from the girlfriend with salesmens belly disappearing with more effective exercise”


“Daily scores for the daily accountability in the group is a great idea and suits my competitive side”

Charlie Thomas




“The training set up was very efficient specific, with each and every single exercise having a clear purpose”

“It’s great to have someone keeping you accountable for every rep…..”

“I loved the accountability, and routine check in sessions. Marcus’ ability to tailor each and every work out to my specific desires was excellent.”