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Rant: You’re RACIST if you voted out… Is this really true??

“Thanks to all the racists who voted out”

“They only voted that way to get rid of immigrants”

“Uneducated Racist people”

I’m sure your Facebook is blowing up right now with a lot
of people saying similar

But listen to this right

Our government let it go to this vote

Then the Prime Minister packed his bags when he realised he’d royally
fucked up

All that shows me is how out of touch with what a lot of people
want & need he & the government are

& potentially the vast majority of the voters who voted Remain actually are
as well

Like I actually have no idea what it’s like to live in an area
populated by a lot of EU expats/immigrants

I’ve never worked on a building site or had a job where I’ve worked
with or been in competition with EU expats/immigrants

& I don’t have kids who go to school with first or second generation
EU expats/immigrants

So I have no clue if there really is an issue or not

So for me to come out & brand the vote of people with different
experiences to me as purely racist

Is pretty close minded if you think about it…

A wise man once said don’t talk about what you don’t know

& GaryVee said it on snapchat just now as well

So thats it for politics from me

But if you’re struggling to see my point

Imagine when someone says “just eat less” when you’re trying to lose weight

If they have no experience in your struggle is their advise really
going to help?

Unfortunately a lot of shredded PT’s are the worst for this

They’re so out of touch with how the skinny hard gainer

Or chubby out of shape dad bod man really feels

That them giving advise with limited appreciation or understanding
can do more harm than good

The only people more out of touch than them are the people supposed to be
leading this country

Now I’ve never been skinny or chubby

But I’ve worked with 100’s of guys that are/were

& I see my job waaaay more than just giving out training & nutrition plans

Understanding what these guys actually need is something I value highly

& I feel I’m in a decent place with it now

It’s definitely helping me get serious results

Results that are waaaaay better than 5 years ago when I thought it was all
about the training & nutrition

Don’t get me wrong though I’ll never sugar coat things & still say it how it is

There’s no hiding from the truth my man

Being truthful with Ben at the same time as understanding exactly what he
needed was massive

Understanding  this has enabled me to get confidence changing results with the
guys in my Build&Blast Online Coaching group

If you missed the video yesterday

You can hear Ben discussing his huge 44kg fatloss journey at the video

VIDEO: Ben discussing his 44kg fat loss journey 

& if you also missed the 3 workouts perfect for your lunch break

Make sure you check them out at MarcusDuharty.com

Marcus ‘F Politics’ Duharty


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