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Protein Shakes: Damaging for you long term?

My man Jon had some killer questions inside Build&Blast90 around protein yesterday


Question from Jon: “Does anyone have any opinions on relying on protein powder?

I never know if it’s a myth but I’ve heard protein powders are damaging long term?”


1st Reply from Marcus W (Not me): “Everything’s bad for you according to someone!”

(I had to laugh at this as it’s so damn true)

“Get some of this yogurt as well basically protein and that’s it (Total 0% Greek Yoghurt)”


He’s bang on with that yoghurt as well

You get 10g of protein in 100g of yoghurt for just 57 calories

If you’re struggling to get your protein in this is a must add


2nd Reply from Chris: “If you want to get bonus protein without adding calories go for PHD Diet Whey Protein”

Personally I’ve never used this but at 34g of protein 180cal, 2.75g fat and 2.5g sugar it seems like a decent option


3rd Reply from Rob: “I did some research on diet vs standard whey”

“I actually found the diet wheys often had MORE sugar and carbs & is normally LOWER in protein”

I can vouch for what Rob says here so don’t get sucked in to ‘Diet’ products… Thats just clever marketing


4th Reply from Rob: “Scoop of protein and 150g full fat Greek yogurt is my daily breakfast”

“Make sure it’s Greek… NOT Greek style, completely different nutritional content”


Again absolute gold from Rob here

A solid breakfast option Jon can now use (I’d recommend possibly adding to that (granola, fruit etc))

& a super important point about the difference between 2 different products (that look the same)

It definitely pays to understand whats actually in your foods


5th Reply from ME (I finally got to it after members of the team beat me there):

“Dan there’s no need to worry about your kidneys unless you have previous history of kidney issues”

“Impact whey by MyProtein is what I normally recommend. The majority of supplements are hype & marketing”

“No real need to by expensive products (by the way supplements matter so little I don’t even mention it in the content I provide you)”

“Daily & totals of protein are literally all you need to worry about with protein right now”

“As a start can you have 1 x palm sized portion of protein each time you eat?”


The conversation continued and some other posts were made but that content should be solid enough info for you

Jon asked a simple question & got a tonne of solid info to help him in minutes

I hope it helps you as well

Protein is super filling

& will support growing & also keeping muscle

Do you know how much you’re having at the moment?





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