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Protein: Don’t WASTE your money

“What protein should I take”

I haaaaate this question

I might just start saying “The most expensive one mate”

Cos I’m pretty sure that’s what most people want to hear anyway

See what pisses me off is this

Guys are looking to add protein in to their nutrition

When they haven’t got a clue how much protein they’re eating already

Without a thought they’ll spend £40-60 on a self proclaimed ‘SuperSupp’

That’s basically exactly the same as a regular £10-25 one

& they may not even need either

It can literally be a complete waste of money

If that’s you please stop

This was actually a discussion topic in the #TeamHUD group yesterday

Then Rob puts up this picture comparing his ‘Diet Protein’ to normal


As you can see in the ‘Diet Protein’ there is:-

More Sugar 

More Salt 

& even more fat 

Work that one out

Marketing Hype at it’s best

Clearly someone just thought…

“Change the label

Add £15 to it’s price

& we’ll make shit loads”

But we’ve all bought protein

& chances are you will again

But make sure you can answer this question before you drop £££ on it

Do you really know how much protein you’re eating right now…?

Like seriously….

& for that matter how much you should actually be eating?

Well I’ll help you out with this one

As an absolute minimum you should be eating 1g per kg of your bodyweight

So if you’re 80kg you eat 80g of protein

This is the absolute minimum & to be honest you really need to be above this

If you’re under eating on your protein right now then the first target is to hit 1.5g per kg

of bodyweight

This will put you in a decent enough position to support at least maintaining & potentially

building muscle

But to be honest 2g per kg of bodyweight is really where you need to be shooting

& listen to this…

This is even more important when you’re dropping body fat

This is when you need to work hard to keep the muscle you have

See it’s easy to drop weight by just dropping calories below TDEE (total daily

energy expenditure)

But really its not weightless you’re after

It’s Fatloss

& you’re always gonna run the risk of losing muscle when you drop calories

So you need to make sure you’re hitting the right level of protein

The 3rd video down this page will help you work things out easily


But definitely as a first priority look to get your protein from the food you eat

Food first… Always

Marcus ‘Fuck SuperSupps’ Duharty

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