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Price Increases Tomorrow

I’m excited

3 calls booked in today

& a couple more booked in tomorrow

Build&Blast price increases for new members tomorrow

I’ve been telling you this for the last couple of weeks

But you still haven’t applied yet

Thats fine…

If you’re happy with where you are now then great

But if you’re not of course

If you’re fed up

Pissed off

& struggling

It’s probably about time you did something about it don’t you think?

Unfortunately I have no more time for calls today


If you do ‘book’ your call TODAY

Even if we don’t get on a call until tomorrow or Saturday

I’ll keep the price of Build&Blast as it is just for you until then

I know a few of you will be coming late to the party(my emails)

So I think it makes sense to offer this

You need to book in today though my man

Or the initial 90 days will cost you over £100 more

Here’s where you head for more info


Speak to you soon



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