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Part 2: Client meetings & still shift weight

Lets follow on from yesterday

How to get your business & client meetings done & still shift 

weight part 2 


1. Set a time limit 

The shorter you’re there the less food or drink you’ll have 

Common sense tells you you’ll eat more in an hour then 30 mins 

Rather than set a side a couple of hours for the meeting put a clear 

time frame on it 

Even if you have to make up something up to get back to the office to keep 

it short

I’m not saying to rush it of course but a quick “Just so you know I’ve got 

to be back to the office for 1″ could save you half an hour 

& possibly extra calories in food, nibbles or drinks you may have been tempted

with in that time


2. Order pasta 

So the chances are if it’s a business meeting/dinner it’s in somewhere pretty 


I doubt the local Wetherspoons is going to be particularly impressive

& we all know that the nice places usually don’t do massive portions

We’ve all ordered something before & thought we need 2 portions to be full 

& I swear it’s always the pasta dishes

So even though pasta will be relatively calorie high 

You hardly get any of it so in this instance it’s not bad to keep the calories down 


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3. Chicken or Fish 

Just like pasta I’m sure white meat is always served in smaller portions than red

Burgers are always massive 

& of course there’s always a few chunky steaks on the menu 

Fish & chicken on the other hand tend to be half the size 

& they always seem to come with veg or half a portion of potatoes 

Rather then steak & burgers which literally always come with chips 

Now I’m not gonna be the guy to tell you not to eat chips 

So if you do want them then go ahead & order them

Trying to eat everything else on the plate first though may help you keep the calories down though


So there’s another 3 things to think about when you’re out for business meetings 

Always remember though shifting weight is much more about reducing the 

over all calories you eat than avoiding certain foods 

If you found these 2 useful look out for ‘How to to eat when you’re rushed

off your feet’

& ‘What to snack on when you’re bored in the office’ 

They’ll be in your inbox later this week



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Unless of course you’re happy struggling & still not shifting the extra weight 


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