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Panty Dropping Confidence… Lets Get It!

There’s the guy who’s a 5 but goes out with a 10

& there’s the guy who’s knowledge is average but is killing it on the sales & commission front 

What do they both have in common?


I haven’t banged on about confidence for a while but god damn my man never forget this…

Confidence is irresistible  

It will drop panties 

It will open cheque books 

& as an ambitious & driven man it will push you some way to being happy 

But we’re not all blessed with supreme confidence 

Especially when we’ve been out of training for a while & are carrying an extra layer around

There’s no way we’re feeling great about ourselves then 

Fuck I’ve been there 

The thing is though the choice to feel great is ours 

After all no one else is going to change how we feel for us

No one else is going to shift that weight for you 

No one else is going to pick that phone up 

No one else is going to change what you see when you look in the mirror 

Which ultimately dictates how you feel about yourself !

If you wanna win the lottery you got to place a bet my man 

Sit there & do nothing & guess what changes… 

Jack shit 

Not happy with your partner… Do something about it 

Not happy with your job… Do something about it 

Not happy carrying fat around… Do something about it 

Unless of course someone cut your balls off & you’re happy to stay pissed off at all those things forever? 

If that’s the case don’t complain when others have relationships on fire & are dropping panties & opening chequebooks

I should probably offer some advise on steps to take to get your confidence moving in the right direction

I think that will come in a later email but for now… Just do something man 

Confidence is irresistible & we ALL have the opportunity to feel it 



I help guys who are busy & pissed of shift weight faster & forever 

Results are guaranteed

But the price increases at the end of November 

Just reply to this email if you’re interested 

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