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Online Training is a Scam…

It pissed me off to be honest

Not only are people getting ripped off

But it puts a black marker on the online training business
that I’m part of

Basically the it’s the brand Shredz

They’re pretty huge on Instagram right now

But have been accused for a while of their ‘athletes’ photoshopping
their pictures

Now a little edit on Instagram is expected

But we’re talking full on screen bending photoshopping

Which like I’ve said before can seriously mess up what people aspire
to be

Let alone the ‘supplements’ & I’m not talking your standard protein

I guarantee there’s guys you’re looking at now thinking how good they
look that are roided up to the eyeballs

Which is fine if they actually came out & said that

You know they don’t drug test in those physique shows right…

Anyway the Shredz ‘athletes’ offer training & nutrition plans

But it turns out one of their guys was paying an assistant to do ALL
the plans

Even though he was advertising it as a personal service

My opinion is it’s complete BS

I expect hundreds if not thousands of people have been ripped off

Needless to say he’s been fired etc

But it makes you wonder how many other guys & chicks out there are
doing the same

& like I’ve said before take what you see on ‘InstaBook’ with a pinch
of salt

& if you’re gonna work with anyone online I advise actually speaking to
them first

Here’s where you head if you wanna jump on a call with me

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Marcus ‘Your Real Online Coach’ Duharty

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