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Online Coaching: CLOSED

If you wanna look muscular & shredded for the rest of your life

The last 3 emails I’ve sent give you 90% of the nutrition info you’ll

ever need 

That’s a promise

It’s so damn simple stop making it hard

Still struggling? 

Drop me a reply to this message

Let me know your struggle 

& if it’s to do with back squats 

Check this video out of Build&Blast Online Training & Nutrition 

member Joe 

He’s nailing some front squats 

Which are a much easier variation then back squats 

Definitely worth trying before you give squats up all together 

I actually prefer front squats way more for my guys 

Here’s the video 

& speaking of Build&Blast

The subject line of this email is no joke 

Thats right

My Online Training & Nutrition Coaching programme is…

Closed, Shut, Out of Bounds 

Unless anyone drops from the current group I wont be taking anyone

else on 

My man Owen jumped on board yesterday & took the final spot 

If you were waiting for tomorrow you should know by now

Tomorrow is always to late 

Make sure you take action straight away next time 

& if you want some more information on the other online group 

I run 

You can check it out here >>> http://www.hungryunderdogs.com/teamhud

Or check my snapchat for inside looks at the guys current training block

The kettle bell circuit yesterday was a BEAST

& 50 renegade rows ‘for time’ to finish the ‘chest & back’ session….

Sucked !

Snapchat: marcusduharty

See you on there 


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