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One Of My Most Embarrassing Moments

I accelerate past the first defender

I’m pretty much through on goal & I know I’m going to score

The keeper comes out & just as I’m about to shoot 

My legs get swiped out from under me 


Joner picks the ball up as he’s the normal penalty taker 

But I think fcuk it I was about to score I’m taking it 

So I take the ball off him 

Run up 

Pretty much mis hit the ball 

& it goes wide 

I couldn’t fcuking believe it 

The first team manager is watching in the stands

There’s a good few hundred people in attendance 

& its the biggest game of the season (The FA Youth Cup) 

2 hours later I’m sat in the dug out & we’ve just lost 3-2 to a non league team 

We’re out in the first round 

A dream tie away at Arsenal in the next round is gone 

I’m embarrassed 

& all the boys are gutted 

There’s also not much doubt that I basically fcuked up 

If only I’d stuck to the plan 

Which is something I tell the guys I coach inside Build&Blast all the time 

Stick to the plan & you’ll get a result 

It’s hard though 

For someone like Build&BlastElite 1-1 client James it’s taken time to get this going 

Through the struggles we’ve eventually managed to get some consistency & he’s seeing the results 

From a tall but SKINNY (hardgainer??) 81kg James is now 95kg & around 13-15% bodyfat 

It’s been a tough slog & no doubt at times I know he wanted to pick the ball up & change the plan 

But fair play to him he’s managed to stick to it & is getting what he deserves

The quest for 100kg is ON 

So.. Are you sticking to the plan my man? 

In fact do you even have a plan? 

If you don’t then it may be worth getting something in place 

Cos lets be real like me most people mess it up even when there is a plan 

Let alone without one 

Build&Blast90 is closed right now 

But I do have space for 2 new 1-1 coaching clients 

Drop me a reply for more info 



For anyone new here remember results are GUARANTEED 

Or your money back 

Which basically takes all of the risk away 

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