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Oi stupid you HAVE to stop doing this…

By February 26, 2016 Marcus' Mind No Comments

Yeah you

Please stop doing this

It really is stupid

& I know you do it

Most people do

I used to believe it too once

But then I realised how it really doesn’t make sense

& can seriously fuck up your fat loss or even muscle gain progress


STOP weighing yourself once a week 

I can’t stress this enough

You NEED to watch this video & understand why

It WILL make a massive difference to you


Sometimes you need to do the complete opposite of what everyone else does

1 thing I can guarantee is everyones got a fucking opinion

You only got to look at what happens when someone posts something fitness related

on Facebook

You get the old comments like “My nan’s next-door neighbours dog did this & he’s ripped”

“I’m a Herbal Plus rep try this wondershake (give me your money & join my team)”


“Bro you know its all about no carbs after 6pm & 4 raw eggs in the morning”

Makes me laugh & cringe at the same time

We had a new sign up for #TeamHUD yesterday

Looking at his Facebook page some of the comments on a post he’d put up about

eating better were way off the mark

Like why the fuck shouldn’t he eat cheese…!?

See I remember how I’ve NEVER given anyone car breakdown advise..

Cos I haven’t got a fucking clue about how cars work..!

Unfortunately it’s not like this with building a Head Turning Body

So be careful where you get your advise from….

Thankfully this guys joined the group

& if he follows the first Block of videos will have a solid & effective nutrition strategy

in place

Meaning he’ll be shredding fat & burning muscle in no time

Which of course means he’ll be turning some heads as well

You can find some more info about #TeamHUD at the link below


Marcus ‘Do The Opposite’ Duharty


I might do a FREE Shit Friday again tomorrow

Let me know what you’d prefer to see info on building..

Guns (Biceps)


Boulders (Shoulders)

Just reply with either one & I’ll make it happen

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