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My Weekend of Beer, Burgers & Pull-ups

I had more beer Saturday than the last few months combined

& I couldn’t give a flying fuck about it 

I was at the Sydney Rugby 7s

Which is actually just a big drunken fancy dress party with the rugby

basically a side show in the background 

It was a great event 

& we drank pretty much all day 

I ate a load of pretty average food (basically my whole 10% of pure junk for the week)

& I caught up with my mate I hadn’t seen for a few weeks

The night before I went to a Latino event by the Sydney Harbour 

There was no way I was gonna turn down some salsa dancing with some latin chicks

& Sunday was a beach day 

Then out with the guys I’ve moved in with last night 

‘They’ (me included) wanted to have a flat evening out 

Which of course resulted in a few more beers

It was a hell of a weekend 

& I don’t feel guilty about it one bit 

& neither should you if your weekend was the same 

This is real life man 

You’re not a bodybuilder 

You’re not in ‘prep’ 

You got a live a little out here 

Just make sure you don’t over do it 

See I still managed to get all the work I needed done each day 

Everything else drunk apart from beer was water 

& all other meals consisted of meat, eggs & vegetables

Fuck I even managed to get an extra 60min session in on top of the 4 I’d done that week 

Although as you can see by this video the pull-ups were a ball breaker

Video: Marcus Struggling doing pull-ups 

& yeah I know I’m not sure what I was thinking with those shades

Anyway the point is you can still make progress 

& live your life 

Yes you’re not gonna look like Arnie in 6 weeks 

But who wants to starve themselves 

Avoid social situations 

& drink their own piss or whatever other weird stuff bodybuilders do anyway 

If you work with me I expect you to live your life

In fact I’ll pretty much make you 

Shit let’s be honest you don’t wanna put all that work in 

To not be able to enjoy yourself & ‘turn some heads’ when you get a chance

Fuck that 

& don’t feel guilty about it either my man

I’m all about getting in the best damn shape of our lives 


Turning some heads 


& enjoy life as much as we can 

When you’re ready to work with someone real

That appreciates & understands life 

You can contact me here >>> Marcus Duharty Online Personal Training 

Enjoy your week Hombre.. 

Marcus ‘Just Tryna Live’ Duharty

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