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So I roll back in to Sydney after some time away expecting a load of new matches 

& all I get is a load of MILF’s & Cougars on my swipes 

That age range setting on tinder is a definite cock block 

& the 30+ single man struggle is real 

I keep telling people I’m the black Peter Pan but they’re not listening 

Realistically though even with the cock block from tinder nothing in the dating/relationship/hook up game changes as you get older 

It’s just like in getting in shape

Not a lot if anything changes here either

You should still strength train 2-5 times a week 


(This is actually even more important now to help naturally boost testosterone levels whilst they drop with age so forget endless cardio)

& you still need to stay within your calorie limit to shift weight (THE 1 & ONLY MOST IMPORTANT THING)

Those 2 things still apply & will 100% work 

That will always be the case 

Forever & a day my man 

It’s something we can all achieve with a little bit of effort 

The idea is simple 

& there’s no need to complicate things 

You also have the experience of whats worked for you or what hasn’t worked for you before 

Just like an opening line/hello/icebreaker on tinder 

I quickly realised that my “Hi how are you” opening must be as entertaining as most boring fitness professional emails you get 

(eat more broccoli & chicken, grind grind grind etc) 

So I tried to mix it up a bit 

& of course always be honest 

2 things that have worked well on both tinder & with the guys I coach 

No one likes boring… workout programmes or people 

& although not everyone can always handle honesty well

A no BS approach works (take note if you always end up in the friend zone)

So lets take a moment for a bit of honesty

I HAVE to embrace my tinder struggles 

As much as I like to pretend I want to be the Black Peter Pan… I really don’t 

I’m never going to be in my early 20’s again & thats that 

& nor am I going to get my hair back 

& it’s the same for you 

I’m not saying you’re losing your hair as well 

But if you’ve got struggles shifting weight 

It’s no good pretending everything is going to be ok 

That the times you’ve failed before don’t mean anything 

& that things will magically change 

They wont… & I’m not sorry to tell you

Unless… You do something about it of course  

Balls in your court really

Anyway I’m off to swipe some Milf’s & Cougars 

(Which if you’ve followed my emails for a while you’ll know I’m not shy of anyway..!)



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