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My Most HATED 4 Words

By February 15, 2016 Marcus' Mind No Comments

If you’ve ever played football for a team you’ll feel my pain

That moment when you turn up for training & realise

There’s not gonna be a fucking football in sight !

So the gaffer turns round & says the words I dread

“Get your trainers on”

On this occasion the he’s followed it with

“Lads we’re running to the beach”




Get me out of here

That’s all I could think

It’s a FREEZING Tuesday evening (Pitch is frozen hence the run)

I was up for work at 5.30am

Finished & drove over an hour to Weston for training

& now we’re running to the beach & back


Fuck that I thought

So on the way back I flagged down a taxi & jumped in

So did 3 of the other lads

The taxi driver took us back to the training ground

& we waited round the corner for the lads to run back

Then ran in the changing room 5 minutes later like we’d done the full run

I knew it was a shit thing to but to be brutally honest no fucks were given

Into the shower, back in the car & home we went

Morale of the story

Sometimes you can get someone else to do the work for you

It’ll probably cost you but could be worth it

Like the the taxi driver we paid to take us back

Or the Tutor I hired to help me with my Masters Statistical analysis work

Or a coach who does all you Training & Nutrition programmes for you

Doing things that way basically guarantees you a result at the end

As long as you do the work of course

Which was my massive flaw in deciding to get a taxi back from the run

The one thing I needed to be doing was getting fit to get my ass in the team

Not paying someone else to do the work for me

No surprise a few months later I’d been sent off on ‘loan’ from Weston

To a side a few leagues lower where I’d eventually stay

Second morale of the story

You gotta do the damn work

& stop being a lazy fuck

I’m talking to myself here but I’m sure you can relate to it as well

Most of us are like it at somepoint

& just need a kick in the ass to get going

If that’s you then let me know

I had 10 guys apply for Online Personal Training over the weekend

I doubt half of them will get back to me

& some won’t wanna do the work

So the opportunities their for you man

You can get in touch with me at the short form below

>>> Marcus Duharty Online Personal Training

Unless of course you’re gonna be lazy as fuck & get a taxi like I did !

Marcus ‘Don’t Be Like Me’ Duharty

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