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My Hero’s Birthday Today

Todays a special day 

Even though he looks about 35 or something 

My hero turns like 50 odd 

& he happens to be one of the most in shape 50 odd year olds


You wont know this guy but I’m telling you he’s a LEGEND 

Yeah I’m slightly biased as of course it’s my old man 

Aka Kenny D 

Aka The Gaffer of #TeamDuharty

Seriously though there’s a few huge things I can thank my dad for 

There’s the obvious love & support of course

But him living a healthy life & being super active definitely rubbed

off on me

Now I work with a number of dads & if you’re a dad right now then 

you CAN NOT underestimate the value of this 

I was basically a mini version of my old man growing up 

I hardly ever drank in my teens or early 20’s

I was super fit out playing football ALL the time or watching him play 

Rarely sat on my ass wasting time playing computer games 

& was never in trouble 

Now if he spent all day in the pub or sat on his ass eating & drinking shit I would

have probably ended up doing the same 

Thank fully he didn’t & he also taught me one of the best quotes I ever heard

Numerous times I can remember him saying to me…

“Marcus, Make your own luck” 

& I believe this is huge cos if you sit around waiting for things to change through 

luck or magic

You’ll be waiting a long time my friend

Fuck luck you need to create your own is a better method to live by

& if you have kids you HAVE to set an example & lead the line for them to follow 

If you don’t I think you’re just covering the basics

At some point I’m keen to develop a ‘SuperDadBody Workout Programme’ 

Until then I’ll keep working with motivated & inspirational dads in #TeamHUD &


You can get in touch with me about joining either at the form below 


I’ve got a SuperDad 

& I’m sure thats gonna help me become a SuperDad one day as well 

If you don’t feel like a SuperDad right now you need to listen to Kenny D &… 

“Start making your own luck”

Marcus ‘SuperSon’ Duharty

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