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My Current Man Crush

So we have my old man Kenny D who’ll always be Numero Uno

Then the Freshest Prince in the building Will Smith

But these 2 hero’s are closely followed by this guy

This guy seems to be one hell of a human being

& I present to you

My man crush of the moment…

Dwayne ‘THE ROCK’ Johnson

I know… What a fucking legend this guy is

He’s gotta be one of the most charismatic guys out there

& is a HUUGGE success in a couple of different industries

But with all the good looks & money

You know what he said as the best part of being famous was

The moments where fans coming up to him 

& basically tell him the impact he’s had on their lives 




Not the money, cars or clothes

Or the swarms of women at his probable pick & choosing

It’s the impact he has on others

& I actually know how he feels

It is a fucking cool feeling when you know you’ve helped someone

Whether it was an academy footballer I was coaching

A gym member

An International level athlete

Pro footballer

Or a work colleague

It’s definitely a good feeling when you know you’ve had a positive impact

& helped them take a step forward towards their success

Now don’t think I’m going soft on you here

I work to earn money & enjoy my life

No questions about that

But if I can have a lasting impact on people along the way

Winner winner chicken dinner

& that’s exactly what I’m doing with the Training, Nutrition & Motivation group

I run with Cameron

Yeah all the guys inside get monthly Training Programmes

Monthly Nutrition videos

A Motivation & Lifestyle video series

Plus support from me & Cam in the group

But it’s not about that

I don’t care how much they lift

I actually don’t care about how much fat they lose

& it doesn’t matter to me what they look like

All I’m interested in is how they FEEL

& how the content we provide can positively effect that

See the groups not for athletes

The groups not for already ripped & massive guys to show off

Or aspiring fitness or physique models

The group is for normal guys

Normal standard guys like me & you

Probably early to mid 20’s to mid 30’s

Working their ass off to earn a living & get what they want

Maybe even to support their family

But aren’t quite happy with their situation

& feel the could do or be more

So are looking for something extra

Something to help them take at least one step forward

So they feel better about themselves

Grow in confidence

& basically improve the level of happiness they have right now

Let me translate that for you..

I want these guys to feel FUCKING AMAZING about themselves!

That’s who I’m all about working with & what I’m about achieving

You can check out how the group works at the video below


One of the guys even said to a new member this week

“Get ready to change your life…!” 

Make sure you check out the video

Marcus ‘If Ya Smeeelllll’ Duharty


If you’re reading this right now you must be interested

But maybe there’s something holding you back

I can understand that.. so what is it?



Unsupportive partner?

I’m happy to chat through all of that with you

Or if it’s something else just let me know

All you need to do is reply to this email

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