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My Chubby Mate Dan…

By February 18, 2016 Marcus' Mind No Comments

InstaBook is a mental place…

& theres some unreal bodies flying around on there

Chicks & Guys

Of course these people get massive followings

& loadsa like on their pics

& fair fucking play to them

Takes some doing getting in that shape

I have solid respect for them

You know who I have MORE respect for though

That out of shape

Over weight

& unconfident guy

You know the one who’s finally managed to get either into the gym

Or started adjusting his nutrition

I 100% salute them the most

Cos from speaking to guys like that I know exactly how they feel

** First off the gym is the last fucking place they wanna be

** Then they have pretty much no idea what to do when they get in there

** So feel intimidated to even get started

Now that’s a hell of a barrier to break down

Forget liking Johnny Bravo’s latest selfie

Chubby Dan’s progress is what you should be liking

He might not have shredded abs

Or big ass biceps

But he’ll still be turning heads after a few months

& will still be getting more attraction from the opposite sex

Or even his own sex if thats what he wants…!

People will wanna know how he did it

& I have no doubt he’ll feel fucking amazing about himself

Chubby Dan… I salute you sir!

You probably know a Chubby Dan

Or even a Skinny Steve

We all have a mate like that

& If you know they’re working out or adjusting their nutrition

& trying to get in shape

A comment of encouragement will go a long way!

& of course if Chubby Dan

Or skinny Dave

Sounds like that geezer staring back at you in the mirror

& you need some support to get started

You can get in contact with me at the form below


Marcus ‘InstaAddict’ Duharty

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