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My Biggest Fear…

Well apart from being swept out to sea

You know us black guys cant swim 

& I aint no exception to that rule 

Although if I’m honest my biggest fear is


Or so to speak a lack of trust 

I don’t think there’s anything worse 

& I’ve been on the brutal end of it 

& fuck me it hurts

I’m sure you’ve been there 

Whether it was betrayal from a family member

A friend 

Or possibly worse of all

A partner

The pain makes it hard to trust again

& you always have your back up ready to defend yourself

You know trust is probably the hardest thing to build 

& the easiest thing to smash to pieces

See my problems always been trusting people too much 

Giving them the benefit of the doubt without proper 

But now I’ve learned to keep my guard up a bit more 

& from my experience I’d say do the same 

Like you’re reading this as you find the content useful 

Or maybe find some of the stories I spill out funny 

But for you to pay me to help you 

You definitely need to trust me first 

That’s part of the reason I filmed this video 

Marcus Duharty Online Personal Training: An Inside Look

Hopefully this video will help you get to know how my systems work 

Show you what I do for you & what you’d need to do 

& trust that I’m not some rouge rip off cowboy 

Just banging out the same programme to everyone 

& basically just in it for the money

It’s the same reason I offer something most trainers wouldn’t dare

A 100% Money Back Guarantee if you’re unhappy with the results 

I wanna make it as easy as comfortable as possible for you to make a decision

So check out the video

& after you’ve watched it if you still have questions just reply to this message

Fire away…

Marcus ‘Trust Issues’ Duharty

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