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Could I really just walk over to a group of 8 chicks & introduce myself?

I’m not going to lie I was daunted by it 

I’m a pretty confident guy but this was a tester for my confidence for sure

So I told you a few days ago I was in bali for a few days on my own after my mates went home 

Anyway I match with this Swedish chick on tinder & she says to meet later 

Happy days… So I’m in a bar watching Man City get thumped by Everton when she says to me it’s her & 7 friends

& of course I’m on my own

I’m not gonna lie I was a little bit like “Fuck… Am I really gonna go & meet some random chick with 7 of her mates?”

For a minute  I was like “I might have to sack this off” 

Bear in mind from 4 pictures on Tinder I think I’d struggle to actually know who she was in a group

All blonde Swedish chicks look the same to me you know 

Anyway cut a long story short I grew a pair of balls found my confidence & met her

Thankfully it all went well…. Very well in fact

But why am I telling you this

Firstly confidence is EVERYTHING 

& by everything I literally mean everything 

Having confidence in yourself to go after something, try something new, or even go for something you’re not sure about is huge 

Without a strong element of personal confidence achieving things is nearly impossible 

Think about it… We all know a child who’s scared to ‘join in’ & struggles to make friends 

& we all have a friend who’s regularly hooking up with hot women way out of his league looks wise

Both of these things come down to confidence… & having it or not 

The thing is confidence comes from previous success

But always starts with feeling comfortable in yourself 

This comfort then allows you to try something you’re not sure of & build some success 

But you have to have the comfort first 

It’s why athletes practice to then be comfortable & eventually confident in the real scenario

The thing is I think so many guys are missing the comfort in their own body part

Which puts their personal confidence on the floor 

& limits what they can achieve in things like career, friendship & of course with the opposite sex

Lets be honest right, if you’re not comfortable with how you look & feel how are you going to be confident in those scenarios?

I’ve had guys say to me before they’re not comfortable being called fat dad

Taking their shirt off in the changing rooms of the gym or at football 

& are embarrassed in front of their partner on holiday

For sure thats no way to live 

& must be an absolute confidence killer 

But… It can all be changed by becoming comfortable in how you look & feel 

& no that doesn’t mean ripped with bulging muscles 

Just maybe shifting a bit of excess weight thats built up over the years 

So the question is are you comfortable right now?

& is your lack of comfort killing your confidence? 



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