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Matt is Leaner & Benching more than ever !!

& he’s NOT even a paying member of one of my groups 

I know pretty cool right 

Like what else is more important in life than being leaner 

& bench pressing more 

I know I probably need to get out more that is true 

Anyway Matt is happy with his progress since our chat 

15 mins on a quick Facebook call was all it took for me 

to help Matt with his question 

I quickly worked out he wasn’t eating enough protein 

Advised him on what he should be eating & off he went

Fair play to him he actioned what we spoke about & after 

catching up with him yesterday he’s…

“Noticeably leaner” 

“& added 5kg to his bench & is nearly hitting 100kg”

Without that call he would have probably struggled away 

for the next few months 

Getting no results 

Now I don’t wanna see people doing that 

I’m sure you’ve done it before & you don’t wanna do it again 

Well here’s the opportunity I told you about yesterday 

You can jump on a 15 minute call with me for no cost & I’ll 

help you with whatever you’re struggling with 

No catch apart from I’m only doing this for 4 people 

So 1 hour of my time & 15 minutes of yours

If you wanna secure one of these 15 minute calls then reply 


Let’s be honest without sounding like a dick I KNOW I can 

help you 

Of course you gotta wanna help yourself first 

I’ve served & the balls in your court 

Not much more I can do from here

Your hit hombre

Reply to this email straight away & we’ll get this ball rolling 

Unless you’re completely happy with the way you look

feel & perform right now of course…

Marcus ’15 minute man’ Duharty

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