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“Marcus How Many Calories Should I Eat?” Your Answer

The one question I always get asked by overweight guys that are struggling 

& to be honest its a legitimate question 

“Marcus how many calories should I eat to shift fat?”

Now the answer really is that it depends on them as an individual 

(I will give you a number to start from in this email though)

Some guys will shift fat at 2800 calories 

Some will need as low as 1800 calories to see the fat shift 

Whats the difference between those 2 guys…?



Amount of exercise 


Type of job 


How much they want to eat 

All of these things will factor into the amount of calories they need 

Which is why I don’t like just giving out random figures


I have exceptions to that with the group of 1-1 clients I coach 

& inside of the steps of my Build&Blast90 membership group

With those guys I give them the exact steps to follow including: 

Amount of calories 

Amount of Protein

Types of food 

Food day examples 

Recipes to work from 

Snack ideas 

& even an option to eat the right amount of calories without counting them 

It’s why the results in both groups are so damn good right now 

The bad news however

Both groups are CLOSED right now 

There’s a touch of good news though 

Build&Blast90 will be open again but not for a few weeks & as normal spaces are limited 

& this simple formula below will give you a calorie point to start at 

Take your bodyweight in Kilograms 

Times that by 2.2 

Then times that number by 12

Bodyweight x 2.2 x 12 = A calorie start point for you to work from 


Now I showed you exactly how to track your calories yesterday 

& tomorrow I’ll outline how you shift fat easily & continually to do so without massive long term effort 

It’s the same way I earn some of my money each month

How the super rich get super rich 

& how those lean in decent shape (NOT bodybuilders) guys do it 

This next week or 2 I’m going to give you ALL the essentials you need to be shifting fat faster & forever 


I’m pissed off with people wasting money on BS supplements they don’t need 

Thinking they have to eat chicken & broccoli for every meal 

& working their ass off for literally NO reward 

If thats you get a notepad & strap yourself in my man as there’s plenty more to come



Build&Blast90 is a GUARANTEED RESULTS programme 

(As in guaranteed or YOUR MONEY BACK)

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