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Lunchtime Workout Video 3 of 3

A whole body session with some lower body work & a set up to get you sweating!

The video will explain the format but one thing to note is I don’t expect you to be smashing reps out like some old school circuit class.

Use controlled movements & take rests as & when you need to. The sessions is designed to get you to do some work not kill yourself.

I recommend looking to hit an intensity level of 8/10 (8 out of 10) with how you feel then pretty much staying there & using the rest periods to avoid dying on your lunch break!

1a. Goblet (Use a DB) squat – 15 reps 

1b. Renegade Rows – 8 reps 

2a. Walking DB lunges (do a static lunge if needed) – 20 steps 

2b. DB Front raise – 12 reps 

3a. DB Thrusters – 12 reps 

3b. Burpees – 6 reps 

All performed for a timed 8 min period where you can rest as you need to.

At the end of the 8 minute period count the total reps completed for the 2 exercises combined & use this as a guideline for the following week



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