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Why do you train?

Looking good naked is straight up what I train for 

I’m not too proud to say that even though I know a lot of people are 

After all since my heart operation I can’t play football any more 

& I have no interest in dancing in a thong on a stage 

So looking good naked is exactly why I get it done 

& if thats the same for you then cool 

Don’t let anyone else tell you thats a ‘bad’ or ‘vain’ thing to train for 

After all what else is going to make you wake up every morning with a buzz & confidence to go & attack the day 

What else is going to have your partner unable to keep her hands off you 

Or your kids play fighting you calling your super dad 

Even after my operation & having an implant sticking out my chest I still do what I can to make sure I’m confident & comfortable in my own skin 

(Check my photos on Instagram or Facebook & you’ll be able to see it)

Yeah I was pissed off, gutted & super down at the time but there was no way I was going to stay there

& if you’re there now thats ok… But there’s no reason to stay there

The group of guys I coach Build&Blast90 is closed for entry right now 

But I’ll be sticking a load of workout videos & nutrition info onto my Facebook & Instagram pages that you can start to use 

& here’s a seriously good exercise you can literally throw in at any time to start getting a sweat on 

Try 4 x 15 with 1 min rest if you fancy a challenge 

& make sure you like & follow the page if you haven’t already 

& for inside looks of the workouts in Build&Blast90 plus some of the really boring stuff I do daily find me on Instagram 


Or don’t…



Build&Blast90 is CLOSED for new members 


But if you have a question just drop me a reply to this email 

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