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Lack Of Time? Just Ignore People

You’re busy

I know

We all are

As much as it’s always a crap excuse… It’s real

You’ve got maybe an hour before work

45 minutes at lunch

Or you wanna be in & out in the gym on an evening

I’m exactly the same & you’ll rarely see me working out for over 60mins

In fact all the guys I work with are the same

 – Ben works mental split shifts

 – Marcus, Kirky & Lisandros, run businesses

 – Phil has a massive commute every day

 – Dan, Nathan & 3 or 4 others have kids

 – & guys like Lex & Lloyd are trying to get in & out before work starts

They’re your typical 2016 man out there getting it done on all fronts

So time & maximising it is priority number 1

Here’s 3 seriously effective ways I make sure I get their workouts done faster

Article: 3 Steps to get in & Out the Gym in no Time

I’ll share the bonus trick I’ve always used when I need to get things done

Bonus: Wear headphones when you train

People stopping you to chat is a big issue in most gyms

Working in gyms I used to struggle with this all the time

To get around it I started wearing headphones…

But not to listen to music

I never did & still rarely do

I wear them simply so other people think I am

Meaning they are less likely to start a conversation

So yeah I basically just ignore people in the gym when I don’t wanna chat

Even if I hear them I just pretend I don’t 

But… I get what I need done which is the most important thing

Maybe you should start ignoring people as well 

Let’s be honest do you really care what he did this weekend…!? 

For you a lack of time shouldn’t be an excuse

Yes I’m not a dick I know it makes things harder

But it’s down to you to find an answer

Cos no one else is going to do that for you 

Although if you do need help finding an answer to your time individual requirements

Contact me at this form & we’ll develop something that works exactly for you


Marcus ‘Ignorance is Bliss’ Duharty

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