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Knocked the F Out

Did you hear me shouting

I genuinely can’t remember the last time I shouted so loud

Or lost my head cheering

I was in shock & so was the whole world watching

UFC fighter Michael Bisping knocked Luke Rockhold out

In the very first round

As a 10/1 underdog

It was truly special

He’s a guy most people would put down as only an above average UFC contender

A guy with no supposedly no knockout power

& he came into this fight with just 2 weeks notice from a film set

Yet still managed to 1st round KO one of the pound for pound top guys

& for me I’m buzzing not just because he’s the first British UFC champion

It’s not cos I don’t like Rockhold his opponent as I do

But because it’s a lifetime of work coming to a head

Bispings had 7 defeats in his time & the 3rd most fights in the UFC ever

Truly a career/lifetime of blood, sweat & tears

Blood, sweat & tears of a pretty bog standard hard working guy

A hard working guy pushing with everything he had for his wife & kids

To as he said “Give them the best life possible”

A guy who speaks his mind & says the truth

A guy who’s made mistakes but never stops working

A guy willing to take any fight at anytime with anyone

All so he can fulfil his dream & support his family

& he’s never stopped trying

He seems like a guy just like you & me

Someone who’s had knockbacks

Someone who’s made mistakes

Someone people had written off

But is still there fighting until the end

That’s why I was so pumped he won

I love guys like Michael Bisping

& I love seeing them succeed even more

My 2 Online Training & Nutrition groups are full of guys
exactly the same

& I buzz every single time one of them makes progress or
achieves what they want

That drives me

& just like Bisping providing the best opportunities for my future
wife & kids

That drives me even more

So my man… What drives you?

& are you pushing through the setbacks & hard times to achieve it?

If not why?


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