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Kangaroo Selfie Fail

It was basically a disaster

What could have been a great day 

Was basically pretty crap

Cut a long story short the idea was to rent a car & 

go on a day trip 

I basically haven’t left Bondi Beach for 4 months

So it makes sense to get out & get a Kangaroo selfie or something

Anyway firstly my mate oversleeps putting us 2 hours behind ‘schedule’

Then the car I book is super old school & only has a CD player

So thats another hour until we finally sort a decent car

Finally off we go… 

I left my mate in charge of directions & we head up the coast road

We basically drive for 3-4 hours to a place called Newcastle 

Which is just like any crap old English town 

Have a beer in the cold then drive back 

I know… A complete waste of time 

Especially with all the places we could have visited 

National parks, coast lines & beaches etc

Does this story sound familiar though 

Starting a journey with no real plan 

& even not taking personal responsibility on reaching the destination 

To me it sounds like exactly what a lot of people do 

& you may even be doing it right now 

Like do you know exactly where you’re going with your training & 


Do you have a plan of exactly how to reach your goals? 

& are you personally accountable for actually hitting your goal? 

Read them again & answer each one 

If you answered no to any of them you’re seriously struggling 

If you answered no to all 3 you have ZERO chance of achieving your goals 

I’ll repeat… ZERO chance

& that’s no matter how hard you work 

Unfortunately my man thats a fact 

Which is why you see the same guys busting there balls in the gym 

Day after day, Week after week 

But still pretty chubby 

Pretty weak 

& very pissed off by the end of it 

Is this you? 

It was me yesterday 

But then it was my own fault 

So my advise to you 

– Take responsibility 

– Decide where you’re going 

– Get a solid proven plan to get you there

Here’s where you head if you need support with any of those 


I should start taking my own advise really….!

Marcus ‘Back in Bondi’ Duharty

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