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I’ve Stopped Being Arrogant

I needed the slap to the face

No need for me to be rude

Or to keep myself hidden behind these emails 

I was impressed with the response last week when I gave you

the chance to fire a question at me 

I had some decent questions 

Which turned into good chats with people about what they were

struggling with 

& I was able to help people with a few simple replies

I even jumped on a few calls with people when I thought they 

needed a bit more of a detailed run through

& of course this was free of charge

Last week was a good week 

& it makes perfect sense to me 

I know 100% I can help you & EVERY SINGLE PERSON who 

reads these emails or my Facebook posts 

So really I’m doing a disservice to you by just writing what I want 

to write about 

& by hiding behind these emails 

Yeah I’m busy as fuck with life but I’m gonna find at least 30mins a 

where anyone who’s asked a question gets a reply 

No more being arrogant 

Summers coming time to get you guys in serious shape 

So…. If you have a question fire away & I’ll get back to you by the end 

of the weekend 

I’ve already got the time set tomorrow to continue answering a few

conversations that started last week 

You can ask me whatever you want 

But before asking here’s a video that will help you understand what’s in 

your food 

In it I give you a 2 minute run down of the protein, fat, carbs & calories 

in some of the foods you regularly eat 


& if nutrition is a killer for you make sure you check out the posts on 

my personal Facebook yesterday 

You’ll probably like the Choco Protein Pancakes recipe with full calorie,

protein & fats breakdown 

& whilst you’re there send me a friend request as well I’m more than happy 

to be Facebook Friends !

Marcus ‘No More Mr Arrogant’ Duharty

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