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“I’ve seen Pensioners Fu*k faster”

That’s the comment one of my old work colleagues would have

been making

I was too busy literally smashing my head onto the table

Poverty fucking wifi is the bane of my life

In Vietnam the sharks had bitten through the wires

Which apparently fucked the countries wifi for a month

Well I think they’ve followed me to Australia

Cos oh fuck uploading shit was slow this weekend


See Block 3’s Training & Nutrition info went into the #TeamHUD 

membership site 

14 videos in total

6 Training session videos 


6 Nutrition videos 


& 2 new exercise technique videos 

You can take a look at some of the content at the link below if you want


Now the slow wifi connection literally fucked me

So much so I had to hit the library first thing this morning to get it uploaded

Workout done at 6am & straight on the bus

Into the library I go and BAM

All the remaining 8 videos uploaded in 2 hours

I know right

All that time wasted the weekend staring at a motionless screen

& I could have chilled & had it all done in no time

It made me think about the guys smashing away at the weights for agggggeeesss

& literally getting nowhere

In the words of my old work colleague

“Making gains slower than old people fuck”

Well just like I found out this morning

With the right tools the job is much easier

Which is exactly what I try & do with the guys I work with

Provide the tools to make their progress faster

Like giving proper nutrition strategies GUARANTEED to shred fat

Yes that I did say guaranteed!

& I’m also talking FAST progress here as well

With the right strategy we’ll have fat dropping off you faster than ever before

Even faster that young people fuck…!

My best option for doing that is my Online Personal Training package

You can see all the details of it here >> https://marcusduharty.leadpages.co/premium-personal/

Disclaimer: No old people were hurt in this email

Marcus ‘First World Problems’ Duharty

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