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I’ve got some bad news

I can’t believe anyone hasn’t developed this yet

Like I’m sure we’ll be living on Mars soon enough

Teleporting through time

& right now women all around the world are able to take
a photo & put dog ears on it

The world we live in is truly astonishing at times

The bad news is we still can’t build a body & feel better about ourselves sat
on the sofa eating ice cream

I know man it’s a tough existence we have

The good news is we have 2 choices

– Become comfortable with where you are right now 

Which I truly understand

– Or decide you’re fed up wth being uncomfortable & do something about it 

& even though it looks like Build&Blast is full for a couple more weeks

#TeamHUD Online Training Nutrition & Motivation group is alive & kicking

I’ve just finished the training programme for Block 6 & it’s got some great exercises

& to follow the bad news some more good news is you can check it out here

#TeamHUD Online Training Nutrition & Motivation group

Unless you’re comfortable exactly where you are right now man?


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