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If you’re overweight & out of shape right now I’m talking to you 

Here’s the reality of the situation 

Our parents will always want the best for us growing up 

Whether they had money or not there was always food on the plate 

For me & my sister it was a pasta bake 

Pie & chips 



Spag bol 

Or something similar

All calorie dense tasty food to fill us up for our days 

Nothing particularly ‘good’ or ‘bad’ about it 

But a limited appreciation for ‘healthy’ food or overall calories

No ones fault of course it just was what it was 

Then we went to school with a packed lunch of a sandwich or 2 

A good old packet of crisps 

& chocolate bar (remember those club & penguin bars?) 

Sometimes a yoghurt 

Maybe a piece of fruit that we never ate anyway 

Or we were given a couple quid to get a school dinner 

The less said about them the better 

But I’ll quote my sister from yesterday 

“I bought pizza for lunch every day & got fat” 

I could continue & discuss the sugary cereal covered in more sugar (crunchy nut cornflakes or coco pops for me!)

The once a week ‘chippy’ run 

Or the biscuit & snack cupboard we always used to raid

Thats basically how most of us (from my 30+ generation at least) grew up 

Good old english style eating 

Limited thought about nutrition quality 

& setting the habits most of us take on for the rest of our lives 

As kids it’s not our fault 

& neither is it our parents 

Nutrition info was limited then 

Most of the things I’ve mentioned were seen as ok as they were low in fat 

Yeah a bit more veg could be added but pasta & that was seen as good for energy

& we were kids so we’d run it off anyway 

If that sounds familiar to you I’d have to say it’s not your fault

& even the last decade or 2 as adults there’s been so much conflicting info & varied opinions

Plus every week there’s a ‘new diet’ or ‘latest supplement’ to try 

I get confused about it so I can only imagine how you feel 

If you’re overweight & out of shape right now in some ways it’s definitely not your fault 

I do have to highlight one thing though 

As we stand today ‘we’ know exactly why we put on fat 

Science has evolved to tell us almost exactly how to get rid of it in the most effective & maintainable way 

& there’s very good coaches out there that can help you to do it 

No more crash diets, quick fixes or starving yourself 

Just simple sustainable methods that come with guaranteed results 

So with this in mind 

It may not be entirely your fault why you’ve ended up where you are now 

But know that it’s 100% in your hands to change it 

The support, knowledge & care is out there to help you 

It’s definitely worth taking it don’t you think? 

& on that question here’s another one

What questions can I answer to help you shift the weight you want to right now? 



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