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It’s NEVER about the Training & Nutrition

I spend over £500 a month to run my business

& another £500+ on my flats

Money is always an issue

Thats why you ALWAYS have to look at the cost as an investment

in YOU 

& also definitely you’re family…

Like what’s really driving you to want to do it?

Like not just to look better

But what will looking better mean?

What will feeling better mean?

What impact will it have for you on your confidence

How you feel when you walk into rooms 

How you feel taking your shirt off in-front the lads or a chick

How your partner looks at you

The spark in your relationship

Your sex life

Your interaction & energy with the kids

Your ability to dominate in the office & not feel knackered & 

demotivated all the time

What impact will starting NOW have on each of these areas? 

Once you start looking at things that way I think you’ll have

a better feeling about the whole thing

Like it’s NEVER about the training & nutrition

It’s always about the end result

Take me being self employed for example

Yeah I get to travel etc but the underlying goal & driver to it

all is freedom..

& the eventual freedom I’m working towards is to have the ability


Present in all aspects of my kids lives as they grow up…

& of course present in the relationship with my partner

I want to have the ability to be able to take my kids to school & pick

them up EVERY day if I want…

Thats what drives me so I see the £500+ I spend on my business each

month as more than a worthwhile investment..

The question now once you’ve decided what you REALLY want

& what is REALLY driving you is…

Is the £12.50 a week to join my most popular programme really not worth the

investment in whats driving you?

You don’t need to answer now

Feel free to take a few days to look deeper into your ‘why’

Feel free to tell me to fuck off if you think what I’ve said is BS

But at least take some time to think about it…

Cos I’m pretty sure it’s WAAAY deeper than just doing some training

& eating better to look a bit better…

Now… I’m gonna finish this with 2 questions…

You’ve followed me for a while right

Read my emails for months 

& clearly have some desire to change or progress

But… How badly do you REALLY want to reach your goals?

Like seriously do you kinda want it or REALLY want it?

& what the hell are you waiting for…? 

Guys exactly like you are doing it NOW 

You’re being left behind

Ben was massively out of shape & is now 35kg down 

When I speak to him I can hear the new found confidence in his voice

Ben is literally a different person from 6 months ago

He’s started & he’s super busy 

The guys in #TeamHUD have started & they all have stressful ‘life’ shit

going on 

The guys in Build&Blast have started & are ALL making serious progress

towards their goals 

They’ve all started 

So again…. What are you actually waiting for??

Marcus ‘Not Sorry’ Duharty


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