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It was pretty embarrassing to be honest

I remember Jordan had a brand new BMW

Another mate had a bright yellow brand new convertible MG  

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Mike had a supped up Rover 25 & then a sporty orange Peugeot 206 

Tim had a BMW 

I’d pull into the car park at Bristol Rovers & park next to one of the first team players BMW’s, Mercedes, Jaguar, Audi’s etc 

& I was driving this 

Bear in mind the one in the photo is brand new & mine was 20+ years old from my nan 

Anyway it could shift for a shoebox on biscuits 

Even beat Jordan’s BMW in a race once (I was 17 everywhere we went was a race)

But it was still a pretty embarrassing especially when random bits of plastic would fall off

Or when the windscreen wiper got stuck (at least I had a car tbh though)

Sometimes thats just the way it is when you start out though 

I know a lot of guys that are maybe a bit out of shape get put off when they first start 

The banter from the lads or office mates can be a bit embarrassing when you turn down a cake or a beer

& even exercising it’s self can be an embarrassing thing to do when you first start it again 

Not everyone gets it but its pretty normal

The thing to remember though is this 

Everyones got their own struggles 

& all they’re too busy concentrating on themselves to worry about you 

The ripped PT is usually skint wondering where his next client is coming from 

The hot chick in the corner pretending she’s training is really just seeking attention & likes on InstaBook 

The pose in your pants on stage ‘physique competitor’ is miserable, hungry & pissed off from all the dieting 

& we all know the loudest guy in the gym is nearly always the most insecure 

Thats the reality 

You have nothing to be embarrassed or worried about my man 

& if you really don’t want to put yourself out there or train in super busy gym 

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