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Is this you? Picture this…

Alarm goes & you wake up feeling pretty damn fresh 

You look in the mirror & smile with satisfaction 

You’ve finally shifted the weight thats pissed you off for years 

& you can even see some muscles coming through 

Next is breakfast where you’re eating super tasty & nutritious food that only took a couple minutes to make 

You get dressed for work & your slim fit shirt fits well 

& you strap on the new belt you’ve bought as the last one is now too big 

You buzz through the day at work as you’re full of energy 

You spend the day lapping up the compliments from work mates 

After work you’re in & out the gym in no time as you have your plan all set up for you 

At home you have a big meat filled plate of tasty food 

Mess around & play super dad with all the energy you still have 

Finish the night with some snacks & a box set with the partner 

Then upstairs for some bedroom action as she cant keep her hands off your newly built body 

How does that sound for a day? 

Pretty good eh? 

Well this could literally be what your days look like after 90 days as a member of Build&Blast90

Remember doing nothing changes nothing though my man

Doors for entry to the programme slam shut tonight though (CLOSED NOW)

12pm UK time to be exact 

Now’s pretty much your last chance to join 

Here’s where you sign up 



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