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Is This You As Well??

Laser focused & driven 

Grinding hard

& working with resilient consistency to build the dream 

Success & Money

Relationships (partner, kids, parents, friends) ON FIRE

& sex life on flames

Is that you? Congratu-Fucking-Lations if it is 

(Also congrats for being here after I invited you to ‘piss’ off yesterday

In my best Conor McGregor voice… “I apologise to absolutely no one”

Including the 17 guys who slipped out the door after yesterdays email)

Congratulations for being ambitious & going for what you want for you & you’re family 

Major respect for you my man 

There’s a problem though 

I know that sometimes this comes at a price

Ambition usually equals more time in the office

Drive normally results in less time with friends & family 

& both of those things results in a lack of focus on YOU

How YOU look 

& most importantly HOW YOU FEEL 

** If you’re carrying too much weight right now 

** Are fed up with what you see in the mirror 

** & hate the fact you’re not as fit as you used to be 

I’m talking directly to you.. So listen up

Let’s start your fat shifting journey with this first step that I’m going to outline to you which is priceless

(The great thing for you is success is almost inevitable considering you already have the tools you need to succeed

Focus, Drive & Grind/Consistency… You just haven’t been focusing them in this area)

Here’s the step & its number 2 out of 12

Step 2 of 12: Understand exactly what you’re eating RIGHT NOW

Let’s be real about things for a second

Do you actually know what you’re eating right now? 

Do you know whether it’s good for you’re personal body?

Or whether it matches your dream body & feeling goal or is it absolutely killing it? 

Do you? 

If you’re honest the answer is no

I’ve never worked with a guy who truly understands what they’re eating & how that matches what they SHOULD be eating

Thats why this is step 2 on the 12 step process I use to guarantee results in my Elite Online Coaching Programme is so damn important

If you can go away & nail this my man your chances of succeeding blast through the roof I assure you 

Wondering what the other 11 steps on this guaranteed path to lean & happy? 

Click the image below & all 11 of the other steps are there for you 



There’s only 2 days left until prices increase

The Elite 1-1 Online Coaching programme I run increases in price on Thursday 

If you’re thinking about getting started soon you’ve got 2 days to lock in current prices 

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