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Is this holding you back as well?

It’s such a normal thing as well

We just take it for granted 

& I actually think it holds us all back 

I think it’s fucked up that in probably 90% of jobs ALL

you have to do to get paid is 1 thing 

Show up 

Like you can go through the day & do the bear minimum 

Cover literally just the basics of the job then go home 

& at the end of the month you’ll get your money 

Regardless of what you actually did 

I know it’s normal but it’s a weird concept that I don’t think 

actually helps us 

I recommend watching this video from my man Cameron 

His comments on Conor McGregor ring so true


The thing is I know what it’s like to just show up 

In my last job at coaching & teaching at the University 

of Bath I used to take 2 hour lunch breaks 

Actually let me change that 

I used to take 2 hour ‘coffee breaks’ 

I know right… It’s one of the reasons I had to leave

Now don’t get me wrong I did a decent job  

& there were times where I worked my ass off 

Did extra work, extra hours & produced quality

But sometimes I was literally just showing up 

I think it’s natural in most of us & I’m sure you 

do the same 

Or at least have days like that

& really that’s ok, not great, just ok 

Especially as unless you’re in recruitment or sales just 

showing up is enough to get the monthly paycheck 

Which is what I find a bit fucked up 

Anyway the problem comes when we enter other aspects 

of our life…

Like can you really ‘just show up’ with your friends 

Or even in relationships 

That’s definitely a recipe for disaster 

Like I’ve got no time for that friend, gf or partner ALWAYS

on their phone when they’re with you 

Fuck that… Show some respect & be present FFS 

Here’s another place you have to be present & show up fully 

If you want results at least 

With your Training & Nutrition 

Like just showing up is ok 

But REALLY showing up in your training 

& REALLY showing up with your nutrition 

Is what you need to get FAST results 

& of course the more you show up the better results 

you get 

So think about it…

Not REALLY showing up in ALL aspects of your life could be 

holding you back 

So are you ready to REALLY show up with your Training & Nutrition? 

Or you gonna stay half assed with it & get nowhere? 

Build & Blast is where you need to head if REALLY showing up 

is what you’re about 

3 spaces available to start your 90 Day Programme next week 

The info you need is at this link 


Marcus ‘Showing The F Up’ Duharty

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