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Inside Look: “The Heaviest I’ve Ever Been”

“More muscle & the heaviest I’ve ever been”

“Another 2lbs in fat off”

& “1 month in I’m already down a belt loop” 

Great week for 3 of the guys in the #TeamHUD group 

Below I’ve filmed a video showing you an ‘Inside Look’

at EXACTLY how it works 

Within 15 seconds I’ll be showing you round the inside

of the never seen before membership site

Just press play 


& by exactly I mean like when you have to explain 

something to your Nan/Gran 

Like fully walk her through steps of  how to turn the 

channel over on her new TV

You know you cant just be like 

“Nan Press this button” 

As you’ll be going back & forth with her saying 

“which button” 

Then she’ll spend 5 mins trying to find her glasses

& you end up getting pissed off to the point where you just 

know you have to show her 

So that’s exactly what I’ve given you 

A balls out behind the scenes look into the whole

membership site 

A full walk through showing you the Training, Nutrition 

& Motivation sections 

& the Exclusive Members Group 

Here’s the link again incase you decided to ignore the 

video above…


What I explain at the end is really key for this group 

& the vision me & Cameron have for it is MUCH bigger

than just helping a few guys look good 

But that’s exactly where we’re going to start 

& with the size of the group at the moment relatively small 

The guys inside benefit from pretty much a 1-1 service 

So I can walk them through exactly what to do just like they’re 

my Nan 


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